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Why Use The Charter Desk

To find Kona’s best boats at their best rates

MONKEY-BIZ-II-1062     Kona is home to a wide variety of game fish and over 200 charter fishing boats and crews that target them. Add in the personalities and unique fishing styles of each captain and the chances of finding just the right boat and crew for your offshore trip by surfing the internet or flipping through the phone book are slim to none. With so much variety in personalities and fishing trip preferences, there is no one boat and crew right for everyone.   Our goal - to assist in finding the right boat for you.

    The Charter Desk operates, and is located above, the weigh scales at The Fuel Dock in Honokohau Marina in Kona. This gives us the advantage of being on the top of the daily catch and knowing which boats caught them.  We are there to help and photograph every time a fish is unloaded and we talk not only with the crews but also their guests. This everyday working relationship with the fishing fleet and the people that hire them, allows us to give you unbiased guidance in choosing the right boat and crew for your trip.

    Our fleet boasts seasoned pros. Our captains are U.S. Coast Guard licensed and our boats are fully insured. We offer over 60 boats and are proud to say that we know each and every Captain and his vessel thoroughly, enabling us to match you to the perfect experience.

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